Dating Socks is a continuation of my public art project Match (dat) sock.
I made a window installation at ATA on 992 Valencia st, SF.

My intention was to finally bring the socks to life as if they were real characters to explore the connections between people and their different back grounds.
I set up a city landscape made with tape and let the sock characters hang out to meet each other at the same time that I made dating posts all over the "city".

Those are the sentences that I used to represent the aim for finding a partner mixed with the brief idiosyncrasy that the dating online sites have in a complex human world.

As the public entered the space I offered them to pick a random sock in which I previously put one of those messages as a way to make the installation interactive.

Here are some examples of the messages.


-Smart Wool seeking intelligent match.
-Red sox looking for a home run.
-Fishnet looking for a good catch.
-Thermal sock looking to warm your sole.
-Footie looking for a fetish partner.
-Pirate sock looking for some bootie!
-Single striped, knee high, looking for solemate.
-Tye Dye looking for multiple partners.
-Polka dot looking for sugar daddy.
-Saylor sock looking for first mate.
-Rainbow toe looking for same sock marriage.
-Garter belt looking for control top.
-Hipster sock looking for a mustache ride.
-Old wool, some holes, looking for a darn fine lady.
-Poly bland looking for a salty dog.
-Tube sock looking for a science geek.
-Ginger sock has no sole.

And here are some photos of the window.

photo 4.jpg
photo 2.jpg
photo 5.jpg