Safety Mandala

Mixed media, Collage, Site installation 2017

I have been fascinated with airplane safety card graphics since I first flew. The thought of human beings placing themselves in the most dangerous situation possible, while keeping calm, participating in the delusion that there is nothing to fear and doing so in and almost meditative state inspired me to create this work. Secretly, I took some cards and after examining them, they appeared to offer a calm, ritualistic process to create a sacred space, a placid means to wait for the after life. I was so hypnotized with the iconography and underlying message that I decided to create the project "Safety Mandala".


Safety Mandala expresses our search for protection sought through the repetition of atemporal an intercultural symbols.

The repetition of delusional graphics guides the viewer into a meditative state of consciousness and induces an idealized, false serenity.

By removing the images from their original context, Safety Mandala highlights their inadequate promise of protection, and calls us to question and trust in institutional power.


Safety Mandala Altar in proccess.jpg
Safety Mandala Detail 2.jpg