Virgin Flight Attendant on San Francisco Housing Crisis 2019

Virgin Flight Attendant bridges iconic female archetypes to bring humor and make sense of the socio-political issues we face as San Franciscans. Her performance is a satire based on the instructions to follow before departing on a journey in order to be safe, while Its critics the disparities of social class.

Virgin Flight Attendant at Burning Man 2018

Burning Man 2018 (I Robot)

Site specific installation. Conceptualizing a sacred space, the Virgin Flight attendant was installed at the Burning Man airport 2018.

Visitors were invited to walk in, relax and enjoy the Offering Altar. The Altar was made with specific imagery and objects found in airplanes, and created a

symbolic landing strip with lighting. The piece culminated with my performance as a Robotic Virgin, giving salvation instructions for the event attendees.

Virgin BM 4.jpg

Please, view with headphones.

On min 2 the Virgin gives the instructions in English. This video was recorded on a phone.